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Why Austin?

Austin’s demand for housing will grow inherently due to demographic trends but demand has been and will continue to be exacerbated by Austin’s growing population. From 2010 to 2019, Austin added 55,550 persons annually or 152 per day. Net migration to the city has been a huge boom to the city’s growth but it’s organic growth also contributes to its population. Austin’s organic growth due to its young population starting families will continue due to demographic trends, will net migration continue as well.

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PRE - Why Austin Grahpics 2020 - Cover G
PRE - Why Austin Grahpics 2020 - Cover G
PRE - Why Austin Grahpics 2020 - Cover G
PRE - Why Austin Grahpics 2020 - Cover G
PRE - Why Austin Grahpics 2020 - Cover G
PRE - Why Austin Grahpics 2020 - Cover G
PRE - Why Austin Grahpics 2020 - Cover G

Unique Local Flavor Is Waiting For You

Known as the Live Music Capital of the World®, Austin offers world-renowned festivals such as SXSW® and the Austin City Limits Music Festival – along with more than 250 music venues featuring rock, blues, jazz, hip hop and other genres nightly. However, Austin’s universal appeal extends well beyond music – with outstanding dining experiences, world- class sporting events, an oasis of outdoor activities and other unique happenings to satisfy any itinerary.

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Austin is always growing and evolving, bringing new opportunities and developments. We have put together a comprehensive 2020 Guide to Austin's continued strength and growth to make it the perfect new place for you to call home.

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